Thursday, February 07, 2008

Web Design... ugh

Just when I think I have figured out what I am doing, I run into something that makes me realize that I am a blind squirrel in a field strewn with acorns.
- Me

Today was productive after a fashion. I realized that I had kind of bootlegged some stuff to work and set about to do it the right way. This ended up messing something up, and after fiddling with it (the website) for the better part of 8 hours today (while listening to the same CD over and over) I was ready to hurt small furry animals.

So I watched Braveheart. Aye, I did.

Didn't do much for my foul mood, but now I am better informed on how best to hurt said small furry animals. (Dinnae fash y'sel, the wee beasties aer safe enough.)

The page is actually coming together alright. If I am able tomorrow I'll try to finish up the content of the first page and see if I can fix the bloody navigation bar.

I won't bore you with any more details for now! Thanks for reading!

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