Friday, February 22, 2008

An Excerpt From "Live At Dixie's"

Last Saturday the StillWaters Jazz Band played at Dixie's coffee house in China Grove. It was our fourth gig, but was really our first public outing.

When I drove to the grocery store the week before the show I was greeted by this excellent sign in front of the shop. I began to get excited about playing.

I really hadn't played for a secular crowd before, so this was my first time to perform in front of my peers. (When you play in church everyone HAS to be nice to you. It's the rules.)

Of course, I was also somewhat nervous about doing this performance. It was my peers that we were playing for, remember? This whole thing is still pretty new to me. I didn't get that nervous, though. I figured that not too many people would show up.

Boy, was I wrong.

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Wade Huntsinger said...

Again where are the drums????

Deborah said...

So Cool! As Spring approaches and school lets out (ie: more time to spare!), we will have to catch up with StillWaters in China Grove, sit a spell, and sip a cup of joe! I can just picture the relaxation now! :o) Sign me up! he, he

Jonathan said...

Deb, it would be great to have you and the family down soon. We'll be doing this gig about once a month I think.

Wade, are you applying for the job?!