Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Fun

"Hello, Violet! Hey, you look good. That's some dress you got on there."
- George Bailey

I got a nice surprise today. I got to go up to Greensboro and see Lord of the Dance. It was an interesting show: nice costumes, pretty incredible dancing, neat light show, cool set, pretty Irish dancers. Nice.

There were a couple of small bothersome bits. They have this character that plays a tin whistle, but instead of using a recording of a real tin whistle they used a synthesizer that was supposed to sound like a tin whistle. That was a little disappointing. They also had some "taps" pre-recorded into the soundtrack. They could have left them out and I would have liked it just the same - maybe more. Those were really the only problems I had with the show at all. It was a thoroughly fun way to spend a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon.

The show kind of reminded me of another dancing drama called Toymaker's Dream. (I had forgotten but that production changed its name to Toymaker & Son a few years back. I think that it has even changed names again since then to The Masterpiece.) In fact, the storylines were very similar. The original Toymaker's Dream had a character called the Dream Hater and was played best in the original Toymaker's Dream video. The original production had one of the coolest "angel" costumes I have ever seen.

The playbill was a bit of a disappointment. It would have been nice if they had explained the story a little bit better (like, at all) so that you could follow it more easily. There were also no credits for the people that were in the show. It would have been nice to see who they were. I will give it this - I discovered that Celtic Woman will be playing there soon, and so will B.B. King. I wonder how much they pay for blood these days...

So, even though it sounds like I have hardly done anything but complain about the presentation, I really enjoyed it and am very grateful for the opportunity to have seen it today.

UPDATE: Oops! Had to fix the quote. I didn't have it quite right.


Wade Huntsinger said...

We saw the "Masterpeice" at a youth conference "Kingdom 96" way back when. It was awesome, in fact we ordered a dvd of it and on occasion still watch it.

Jonathan said...

I guess that is about the last time I saw it. I helped to bring the original production to Knoxville back when I was in college. Still have some posters from it! It was a very powerful show. I hope that they are still doing it.