Monday, March 03, 2008

What A Day!

Today was great. It was the most productive day that I have had in months. I woke up early and was able to get through my morning routine fairly early. Then I got to work.

When I stopped work on Saturday night there were some problematic little buggy things with the website. Today I got almost all of these problems sorted out and created a lot of content.

The last thing left to do before I can go live with the new design is to fix the feature article that has been up there for the property at 105 O'Hara Drive. I don't think that it will take me that long to get it worked out. I am also going to add a couple amenities to the feature articles too. I am going to add a Mapquest link and a couple of other things.

If you have been keeping up with things here on the site, you may have picked up on the fact that I had been employed as a lift salesman. I cut that short on Friday. I knew that I shouldn't do it when I took the job, but with my situation I didn't feel that I could turn down work.

What I found was that it divided my energy too much. The Bible says that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Well, I was living that. I'd try to get started working on one thing, but felt guilty for not working on the other and I ended up so addled that I didn't do either one. It made for one stressed out fellow.

As soon as I cut the sales job loose, I knew I had done the right thing. Of course, I'm kind of flying without a net again, but I've been doing that for months. So what's new? I really have faith that this is going to work in spite of some of the challenges that are still before me.

I have lots of challenges. I still have to figure out how to handle large numbers of properties being advertised on the website. How can I allow people to search for properties based on their preferences? I'm still turning this one over in my mind.

I do have a real estate program that may allow this to be done out of the box, but I am afraid that I will have trouble configuring it to look the way that I want it to.

I need to learn PHP (a scripting language) so that I can understand what is being done on the template that I am using. I also need to start selling my service. Fun! I can actually get paid for working! How cool is that?

I am finally getting to the fun and exciting parts I think. Yes, I am sure there is probably more headbanging at some time in the future, but I am actually seeing the potential for reward for all of my hard work. Hopefully one day soon I'll have an "Eureka!" moment with Joomla. When I do there will be much rejoicing and you will be among the first to know!

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