Monday, March 24, 2008

So, How Did Your Senator Do?

OK, I know that this is a little on the late side. I think this vote took place probably 2 weeks ago. Perhaps you heard about the amendment to instate a moratorium on earmark spending in the Senate. This amendment was crushed 71 against to 29 for. When I heard that I knew that I simply had to find out who the 29 yeas were. Gladly, I discovered that NC's senators, Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr both voted in favor of the moratorium. It is a good thing for them too, because had they not, I would have been voting for their opponents in their next election. Senator McCain also supported the moratorium.

How did your Senators do? You can find out by clicking HERE.

It is really damning when some of the more liberal members of the senate (Senators Clinton, Obama, and Feingold) voted to suspend earmark spending and 25 Republicans voted against it. My annoyance with the impotence of this Congress is reaching epic proportions. The folks in Washington seem to have forgotten what they are in Washington to do. I wish there were a way to send them all back home and start from scratch. This country cannot survive another generation of self-seeking politicians who wallow sideways in the public trough and care nothing for the common good. (Perhaps they would do well to remember the Preamble to the Constitution.) The times are too perilous.

Anyway, check out the list and let your Senators know how you think they did. Regardless of whether they voted yea or nay they need to know that we are watching them.

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