Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today's Weird-Looking Vegetable

Bean Royal Burgundy
OK, I'll admit that this one doesn't weird me out as much as the purple carrot did. I'm actually tempted to try to grow this kind.

Unfortunately, they don't keep their color as they cook, but according to the website where I found them the color is a good indicator of how long they need to cook. I suppose that they return to a nice green color once they are cooked. I would think that the color would be a great benefit to picking the beans, though.

The big decider would be how they taste. All snap beans are not created equal. I have tasted some that were just plain nasty. Last year my grandmother grew some that someone had given her that didn't get tender when you cooked them. They stayed kind of crunchy. The general consensus was to NOT grow any more of them.

I still haven't decided for sure if I am going to do the garden. I really think that I'd like to. I guess I'd better get on with making up my mind. It will be planting time in just a couple of weeks. That means I need to get my plot tilled, finish deciding what I want to grow, and figure out all the other details. Who knows? I may even give these beans a try!


Deborah said...

Okay! So where in the world are you hunting down these extremely odd pictures??? I never knew there were so many "variations" to veggie colors! You are on a roll! :o) Let's just hope "Veggie-tales" doesn't get wind of these!!

Jonathan said...

I found them when I was searching for the Ruby Queen Corn. There was a whole slide show with these odd-looking plants. Alas, I only have one more for now. (I plan to post it tomorrow.) I'll have to go looking again.