Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tomatoes With Flames On

Red Lightning TomatoesI thought these tomatoes were pretty cool looking. It's like they are ready for race day. They are called Red Lightning. It is kind of hard to tell how big they are from the picture, but based on the size of the grain of the wood behind them they don't look much bigger than cherry tomatoes.

Unfortunately, I can't remember anything about them. I may not have read anything particular about them. I got the picture directly from the Burpee Seed Company website.

They look like they would really dress up a veggie tray though! OK. I have very nearly convinced myself to take the plunge and do a garden. Now if it will only stop raining just long enough for me to get the ground prepared. (Mind you, I'm not complaining about the rain. God has blessed us greatly this spring! Hopefully it will continue on through the summer.)

Last year's drought did a number on the trees and shrubs around my house. I came very close to losing one of my beloved dogwood trees. The blossoms have begun to come out and it looks like they are going to be tiny this year. Once they are fully out I will take and post pictures. It doesn't look like I will even have any blossoms on the tree that I nearly lost.

I have been thinking of trying to make a way to conserve rainwater for use this summer. I think that I'd like to find some barrels and run my gutter drains into them. I could also save gray water if necessary this summer. I hope to never see a summer as dry as last summer ever again.

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