Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Between Earth and Sky

Album Cover For Jason Upton's Between Earth and Sky
I've been enjoying a CD by Jason Upton today. It is called Between Earth and Sky and is a pretty good worship CD. I like his sound and there is some passion being expressed about his relationship with God.

They are streaming it on Worship Music Radio for the next few days. Perhaps you haven't heard of that website before, but I have enjoyed it. They preview a different album every week or so. So I get at least one place that I can go to and keep up with some of the cutting edge worship music. Some of it I don't like, but some of it is pretty good.

Check out the site. It's a great resource.


Deborah said...

Jason came to our church. Seems to me Brian has one of his CD's, but I do not know which one. :o)

Hope you are going well! We are within three weeks of having our life back from "the project". Praise the Lord! Brian made me laugh out loud tonight. He said, "I'm about sick of home improvements." I know the statement itself is nothing to laugh at, but his face and tone completed the package! :o)

When we come up for air, we are heading your direction. I'll write and find out your group's "gig" dates as it gets closer!

Blessings! Deborah

Jonathan said...

I like his style. It seems very intimate. I know what Brian means. I kind of feel the same way about "self-improvements" myself!

I'd love to have you guys down. Don't know for sure when the next "public" gig is. I know we have another retirement home gig on May 12, but that is the last solid date.

Heck if we don't have anything going on a weekend that you want to come down, just let me know. Maybe I can arrange a private gig. Brian can bring his git-fiddle and play lead!

See you soon!