Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taxes Done...

Well, I got my taxes done today, so that's good, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to deliver the pictures and all the content that I had hoped to bring you today. I ended up spending most of the afternoon working with my dad to prepare for a big estate sale that we are having on Saturday. I'll likely be working on that the better part of the day tomorrow too. Hopefully, I will at least be able to post the update on the SJB concert this past Saturday.

Remember that the StillWaters Jazz Band will be playing this Saturday from 3 until about 5 at the Salisbury Brian Center. That reminds me... there is someone I should call to let them know about the gig.

Also remember the release of Ben Stein's movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." It is coming out this Friday night. The first weekend's receipts are the ones used to determine how many screens the picture will be playing on, so if you want to support this movie and are able to do so this weekend is the time to go. If there is any way possible I will be going to see it.

Well that will have to be all for tonight. Tomorrow we have to start sorting through all of the stuff in my Grandfather's shop and the outbuildings. I anticipate that it will be a pretty big job. Hope to blog more tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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