Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vote Day

Campaign button emblazoned with the word 'vote'Well, today is my chance to take part in the electoral process. I never dreamed May would get here so soon, and I certainly never thought that Senator Clinton would still be doggedly hanging in there. I hope she wins today.

I know that this must be shocking for anyone who has read my blog at all. In earlier days I didn't conceal my disdain for the Clintons. I am trying to be nicer these days. I doubt that Hillary can win the nomination, but I hope that she hangs in there until August to force Senator Obama to spend his resources fighting her instead of Senator McCain.

My support certainly doesn't indicate that I approve of anything that Senator Clinton stands for or that I believe ANYTHING that she has to say. It is more that I distrust Obama even more than I do her. Say what he will about his connection to Wright and Wright's church, I fully believe that he gives assent to all of those audacious things that Wright has been saying. Obama has distanced himself from Wright because it is politically expedient to do so.

Senator Obama is an amazing orator. I have heard some of his speeches and they are breath-taking, but his content is as whack as the ideas coming out of his church. He acts as if the American public will just believe that he is America's messiah without paying attention to any of the things that he supports. He may be a messiah to the left, but God help us if he comes into office.

Actually, God help us if either one comes into office, but at least if Hillary were to win (God forbid) I think that she has sense enough to realize that some things are necessary - even if she pretends they aren't. For example, I think Senator Clinton at least realizes that there may some merit to having a military presence strategically located in the Middle East. I don't think Senator Obama does.

Please don't think that this is about race with me. I wouldn't care if he was purple if he was on board with my make-or-break issues. There are quite a few non-white people that I would be glad to support for the Presidency if they mounted a competitive campaign. One that comes immediately to mind is the former congressman from Oklahoma, J. C. Watts, Jr. I would also consider supporting Alan Keyes if he ever made a concerted run at the White House.

I had actually thought about switching parties so I could vote between the two of them, but it is too late now. I'll just have to leave it in God's hands. (Which is where I was going to have to leave it anyway!)

One of the wonderful things about this internet age in which we live is that it is much easier to get information about candidates. Any candidate with the sense to put up a website can easily get his message out there for his potential constituency to read about it. This is especially helpful in the lesser-publicized races that don't attract the media coverage that the others do. There is really no excuse to go to the polls ignorant.

So even though the Republican nomination is sealed, I'm still going to vote. Hope you will too!

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