Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SJB Gig At Trinity Oaks

Jonathan Eller playing guitar at Trinity Oaks Retirement CommunityLast night ¾ of StillWaters Jazz Band played at Trinity Oaks Retirement Community. We had a really good turn out and it seemed like the folks really enjoyed the show. I'm glad they did. It wasn't one of my best outings. For some reason my mind just wasn't in it enough, and I zoned out a few times, getting lost in the process.

I think Justin may have figured out what the problem was. He asked me, "Have you been working on the computer again?"

I had to reply that yes I had.

"Well, don't ever do that before a gig again!" (Don't read this the wrong way. It was said and received in a good-natured fashion.) Next gig... no web design beforehand.

Justin Dickson playing trumpet at Trinity Oaks Retirement CommunityWe had only been scheduled for a one hour show, but I guess we probably played for an hour and a half. Because we were trying to conserve time we didn't take our usual 10-15 minute break halfway through.

I am actually surprised that my hand and Justin's lips didn't fall off. I guess we are getting used to playing for longer periods.

Really and truly, my favorite part of these gigs is getting to interact with the residents. We had some great folks who came up to speak to us afterwards. One woman was really emotional and seemed touched that we would come to play for them. We assured her that it was as much of a blessing for us to be able to come. And it really is.

Another woman told me that my hands reminded her of her son's hands. Poor fellow!

A couple of other fellows hung around to talk about the music of the good old days and challenged us to take on some challenging tunes like Harry James' Ciribiribin.

Sara Dickson playing piano at Trinity Oaks Retirement CommunitySo, let it suffice to say that even though we had a couple of train wrecks during the show we were still very well received.

Perhaps you are wondering where our bass player is. Well, I think that his schedule finally caught up with him. Fortunately, we can still manage even though he adds a lot when he is able to play.

Haywood Basinger, Billie Eller, and Louise Basinger at the SJB concert at Trinity Oaks Retirement CommunityOne of the treats of the evening was that we got to play for my Grandfather's sister and her husband. They are residents there. My Mom and Dad were also there. I put Dad to work taking pictures. I have found that it is hard to take pictures while playing.

The band will have a few weeks off from performing. We have a gig scheduled to play for the JC Carson High School Bible Education Society fund raiser at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Main Street in China Grove on Saturday June 7. We're not sure on the time yet.

We have also been asked to perform at Dixie's on July 19, 2008 for China Grove's Farmers' Day street festival. It is typically held on the hottest day of the summer. (At least it feels that way.) Hopefully our playing will make it a little hotter! Once again, I'll have to get the time for you. If you haven't seen us before Farmers' Day may be the time to do it.

Well that is all for this update. Stay tuned!

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