Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Quick Note About An Interesting Discovery

Hello. Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday. I don't remember why it didn't get done, but oh well. I didn't do a very good job in April of getting a post a day in. I guess there was just a lot going on. I will do my best to do better with that this month.

You may remember the post I made two days ago that talked about the struggles that I and so many of my friends have endured recently. Just a few hours after I posted it, I got a phone call that very well may change my life.

Unfortunately at this time I can't go into the details of that phone call, but if everything works out it could very well prove to be a Joel 2 event. Believe me, I will be glad to see the locusts gone!

Anyway, you would think that I would be rejoicing over such wonderful news, yet instead, I was stunned. In fact, I even commented to someone that I felt like one of the prisoners at Dachau must have felt when they were liberated - just numb and not sure if the deliverance were really true. (I am in no way saying that my trials could even hold a candle to those experienced by the people held at Dachau.)

Well, today I discovered something that gave me goosebumps. When I opened My Yahoo this morning I discovered that the 63rd anniversary of the American liberation of Dachau was two days ago - the very day my phone call had come; the very day that I had spoken those very words. I had no idea when I said it.

Could it be a message from God? I hope so, and I'll keep you posted.


a friend said...

I hope all good things will come your way and this is the beginning of a period of renewal and joy for you.

See...'renew a right spirit'...Sometimes a 5 minute conversation is all it takes. Here's to a spirit refreshed and renewed and joyous days ahead!

Jonathan said...

Thanks! You too!