Saturday, May 10, 2008

Champions Of The Middle Class?

Barack Obama and Hillary ClintonI read the other day that Hillary has loaned her campaign 6.5 million dollars... again. That makes over $12 million that she has made to her own campaign. She lives in very expensive digs in New York, and certainly lacks for nothing.

Earlier in the campaign she was accused of not leaving a tip for a waitress that she later exploited in a campaign speech. Of course she has denied doing this and the waitress confirmed that a member of her staff later brought a tip to her.

By all of the accounts that I have read about her by secret service people she is elitist, condescending, and downright hateful to the people who are serving and protecting her.

Yet somehow she is trying to convince everyone that she is a friend to the little guy - that she understands our pain and is going to bring relief if only we will put her in the White House... again. Once there she will stick it to all of those "rich" people and give their wealth to us.

Things really aren't that different for Barack Obama. From what I have heard he had a fairly privileged life. He certainly isn't hurting for money now. In fact, both he and Hillary are millionaires.

Unfortunately, I don't know as much about Obama's story, but I would be willing to bet that it really isn't all that different from Hillary's. We do know about his church and the notions that it has. We know that his wife is ashamed of the United States. I think the thing that is kind of hard for me to grasp in all of this is how he can possibly understand the plight of the average Joe. Has he ever known lack? Has he ever been unemployed? Has he ever owned a business that wasn't making enough money to live on while being taxed like a "rich" man?

How about Obama's charitable giving? According to an article I just found it would appear that he isn't all that generous - except in an election year.

...according to their 2000-2004 tax returns, Barack and Michelle Obama gave less than 1% of their income to charity, Obama campaign spox Tommy Vietor writes to note that even though their 2007 tax return is not yet ready, the Obamas "gave $240,000 to charity in 2007."
What does this say about our "champion's" true concern for the less fortunate?

I find the actions of these "saviors" of the middle class greatly incongruous with their words.

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