Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Garden

An African Vegetable Garden
Well, it is time for another garden update. The picture above is NOT my garden. I think it is actually located somewhere in Africa, but the dirt color is about right. I apologize for the delay in getting this update done, but by the time I had finished work on Thursday and finished chatting with an old friend on Facebook there just wasn't any more time. I had to pack for a weekend fishing trip that I took with my family.

Thursday the weatherman had predicted rain. A part of me was secretly hoping that he was right because when I finally finished work on Wednesday night I was utterly sick of dealing with the tiller. Because it kept cutting off every 3 feet (or less), I was only able to get one row of corn planted by the time the sun had gone down on Wednesday night.

However, there was no sign of rain on Thursday morning so I went back to work. I finished tilling the patch for the corn and got it planted and then I started on the next big section of garden. My parents came out and helped to get the big rocks out of the way. (Thanks, guys!) I finally managed to get that section sufficiently tilled and got my tomatoes, green peppers, fordhook limas, green peas, and squash planted.

A nice gentle rain began to fall just as we were finishing up. (Perfect timing, Lord!) You would not believe the collection of rocks that I have amassed so far in this endeavor - and I haven't picked them all up yet! Once I get them unloaded from the back of the truck I'll take a picture.

Yesterday we had a really good rain shower, which means I won't be able to get into the garden to finish up today, but it should help things to germinate. If the rain holds off for a couple more days I still have to plant my purplehull peas and okra. I may get some cantaloupe plants too, but that will just about finish up the space that I have available to plant.

Now the waiting begins to see what will come up - besides weeds. They always come up.

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