Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Neighbors

Three baby cardinals
I have some new neighbors. A family of cardinals has set up housekeeping right outside of my kitchen window. These little guys hatched late last week and have been keeping mom and dad pretty busy gathering food.

Like most baby birds, they aren't much to look at, but it is neat to have them living where I can keep an eye on them.

I have already had to chase off one cat. All I can say is he had best hope I don't catch him there again. I have some very unpleasant things planned for him if I do.

So far mom and dad have been fairly patient with my curiosity. Dad came by when I was taking this picture. I would have probably snapped a couple more if he hadn't. I'd love to get a shot of one of them feeding the kids. I don't think that they'll tolerate that.

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