Friday, December 12, 2008

Jonathan The Soup Salesman

Jonathan D. Eller in his Journey To Bethlehem costumeWell, you didn't ask for it, but here it is anyway: me in my full Journey To Bethlehem regalia. It turns out that I am a soup salesman. Didn't really think that was the job of a guy at a campfire, but soup sales is what I now do. My character's name is Jonathan. It helps that I already have a Hebrew name!

The backdrop in this picture is actually not my set. I think that this is the seamstress tent... which has none of the connotations of a Terry Pratchett novel, mind you. This is, after all, a church production.

One thing that I am very glad for is that I don't have to sing this weekend. Three nights of hollering ,"HOT FRESH SOUP! SOUP FOR SALE! CHICKEN SOUP - CURES ANYTHING YOU'VE GOT! CHICKEN SOUP! LAMB STEW! LEEK AND LENTIL SOOOOUUUUUP!" and I doubt that I'd be worth anything on Sunday morning.

I am extreeeeeeeemely tempted to actually make some soup while I am out there. There is already a cauldron suspended over my campfire. Chickens are on sale at Food Lion this week for 69¢ a pound, and it would certainly be warmer if I stayed with the fire more. Plus there would be the wonderful smell and of course the tasting of the soup. I've just about convinced myself! The only problem is that I'll have to have a much better fire than the one that I had tonight. It was kind of lame. But a little charcoal and I'd be in business! And as the Good Book says, "When a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick!"

If you are anywhere near China Grove, NC you should really come out one of the next two nights and check it out. I think you'll be impressed!


The Learner said...

Soup? I don't usually associate soup with the nativity :)

Jonathan said...

Now you do!

Of course people needed a hot meal of fresh soup after their long journey to Bethlehem to participate in the census.