Thursday, December 11, 2008


It is always nice to achieve a goal, and today I did. I had set a goal to do an average of one post a day on this blog at the beginning of the year. Today I hit that goal with a total of 366 posts. (It's leap year.) I have actually done far more posts than that this year which is actually pretty amazing to me. Between the other two blogs that I maintain (OK, one of them could hardly be called "maintained" lately.) I guess I have done at least 500 posts. (I just checked, between the two of them there are 154 additional posts.) Granted, some of them are repeats of other posts, but regardless, I am pleased. It is all gravy from here.

Last month I also achieved another goal in regards to this blog. I had long been attempting to manage an average of two posts a day for a month, but had never achieved it before last month. I actually had 64 for the month of November. Add to that breaking 10k page views and it has been a good quarter!

Hopefully I can keep it up next year! Thanks for reading!

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