Monday, December 08, 2008

Choosing A Good Secretary Of Agriculture

A farmer checking grain in the field with a John Deere combine in the background
For God’s choice to be discerned in the selection of Secretary of Agriculture, that our nation’s farms and food supply may be well cared-for

Our barns will be filled with every kind of provision. Our sheep will increase by thousands, by tens of thousands in our fields.
—Psalm 144:13

Awesome God, all things are Yours, and Your mercy and goodness characterize the works of Your hands. With You, Lord, there is no lack. There is plenty, and there is full provision.

Knowing this, Heavenly Father, we now ask You to bring into position Your chosen person for the Secretary of Agriculture. Our nation is a bountiful one; we need the best management of our farms and food supply. Give President-Elect Barack Obama insight as he chooses the one to serve in this vital position. We thank You, O God, for You care about every government official and desire what’s best for our nation. We give You glory for that, and praise You as we pray in the name of Christ, amen.

This is the latest in the series of prayers led by the Presidential Prayer Team for the new President and for our nation. If you are interested in receiving the email with each day's prayer assignment you can click here and sign up.

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