Sunday, December 07, 2008

All Hail The Chief

President George W. Bush hugging a grieving young girl.A whole lot of people don't like President Bush. I think that is a real shame, because I am convinced that he is a good man who has accomplished far more than the media will ever give him credit for. He is far smarter than most of the people who have mocked his intelligence. And I would be shocked if the historians give him a fair shake either. As I heard one person say not too long ago - if they got bad press when they were in office, the historians generally don't treat them any better. He is a better man than we have deserved.

Has the President made some mistakes? Sure. There are some things that he could have done better. But can you name one President that the same could not be said of?

I wish that he had done a better job of communicating with the American people and helping them to buy in to the direction that he was taking the country. I don't know if that was so much his fault or because the media could be blamed for that failure too. All I know is that President Bush was handed a whole bunch of things to deal with that I wouldn't have wanted to tackle. And I think that his responses to most of these issues were as good as anyone could have done - certainly better than anyone that he ran against. Perhaps we are about to find out if the left wing can do any better. I'm not holding my breath.

Mona Charen wrote a good article that highlights some of the President's accomplishments while in office. It is worth a read. I still hope that President Bush will end up with a positive legacy as he leaves the White House. I think in some ways he has accomplished that. If President Obama is successful in removing the troops from Iraq in an acceptable manner it will be totally because of President Bush's leadership and his willingness to do something unpopular for the sake of this country. And President Obama is already finding out that President Bush's warnings about big talk on the campaign trail were wise. Now that he is seeing the same information that President Bush saw, his tune has changed a bit.

We'll also see if the new President is any more successful in handling the economy than President Bush was. I personally believe that what has happened would have happened even if the most brilliant financial minds the world has ever known had been in charge. I believe that this economic downturn is a judgment against our country and is something that the Lord has allowed to turn our hearts back to Him instead of trusting in Mammon. But we shall see.

I don't care one jot how the world or the historians view President Bush. In my book he was a fine man and a good President, and I am proud that I voted for him twice. Thank you very much, Mr. President. I pray that God blesses you and gives you great joy.

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