Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It Has Begun

My new year project this year is the writing of a book. I have always known that I had at least one book in me, and I have said so here before. While I am continuing to add to my poetry collection (I think I'm up to 23 sonnets now, and I'm shooting for at least 150.) I also have begun writing a book on discipleship.

So far the writing has been mixed. Some things have gone better than others, and today I finished the first complete chapter. (Although it isn't the first chapter sequentially.) I also began to write a second and made some good progress on it today. I hope to finish that chapter tomorrow. The book looks like it is going to be fairly extensive at this point. I have many subject headings and many ideas for supplemental materials. Everything is extremely rough right now, but the best part is that it is a start - a good start. And I know where I am going with it more or less. All that is left now is to continue my research and write it. That and all the other stuff too...!

So that is a brief update on what I am working on.

I shall try to keep you up to date with that as well as get you filled in on the holidays as soon as possible.

Until then, be blessed!

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