Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Huzzah! Snow!

A snowy landscape
Jonathan EllerAt long last the Lord graced us with some snow. There was much rejoicing from the kiddos as they were relieved of a day in the salt mines (aka school). They had yesterday off for MLK Day and then I think they are off Thursday and Friday too. I'm sure they are loving that.

Southern snow is awesome. You get to enjoy it for a couple hours and then it goes away. It helps to boost the local economy too. There is generally a rush on milk and bread. Don't ask me why. It's a tradition and who ever knows what gets them started. But one thing for sure is that the South is all about traditions... at least the real Southerners (the ones whose families have been here for generations) are.

If you are a first generation resident of the South, you'll probably never be considered Southern. Sorry 'bout that. Nothing personal usually. Facts are facts. You'll just never "get it" until your family roots have had a bit of time to marinate in our culture. You will perhaps find assimilation easier if one or more of your ancestors fought for the Confederacy during the war between the states.

I watched a bit of the inauguration online today. I started out on the live stream provided by CNN and Facebook. It was more of a trickle than a stream. It looked like more bandwidth was devoted to the inane comments from the Facebook viewers than was to the actual broadcast. Being exposed to the absurdity of the hero worship, the cattiness of the uncouth, and the shallowness of the masses made me want to hurl. I was actually relieved when I got booted from the trickle. I went over to Fox News and watched it there without the comments from the peanut gallery. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Fox's personalities weren't talking (or arguing) over the festivities as they usually do.

I thought the speech was well delivered. President Obama can really talk. However, just like on the campaign trail I felt that his rhetoric had no grounding in reality and that the statements that he offered on most things reeked of wrongheadedness - a wrongheadedness that I fear will cost us dearly. I was disappointed in the thinly veiled attacks on President Bush and his policies, and I was similarly disappointed in the racism that tinged so many of the comments.

These things being said, I did find myself agreeing with him that the time to cease business as usual is long past. I agreed that it is time to stop trying to avoid facing the difficult choices that have to be made. And I agreed that it is time for everyone in this country to take responsibility for fixing the things that need to be fixed. Hopefully he can engender enough cooperation to accomplish the things that are really in the best interests of the country. But I hope he gets as much resistance as he and his party gave President Bush on the things that will ultimately tear our nation down. May God keep him from passing even one of those measures.

Still, I will continue to pray for him and his administration.

I have a message to post here soon. Perhaps I can get to it tomorrow, although I have lots of other priorities that have to be taken care of so we'll see. Hope you enjoyed the snow.

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