Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Home

I got the chance to go and worship with some friends in Raleigh today (actually it was more like Apex or Cary) and came across two really awesome songs. I have been impressed with the worship leader at my friend's church. She has a real anointing as she leads, yet is extremely humble.

Here is the first of the songs that moved me today. It is called Hosanna and was written by Brooke Fraser who is with Hillsong in Australia.

The second was by Mark Altrogge (who wrote another of my favorite choruses (Thank You For The Cross) and is called One Pure And Holy Passion.

These songs really seem to encapsulate much of what seems to be coming from the heart of God during this season. I intend to add them to my repertoire very soon.


Jonathan said...

I'm not crazy about the way they did One Pure And Holy Passion. I think I would do it a little more sensitively, but the words just rock out loud. I think this song would sound awesome stripped down and ultra acoustic.

Anonymous said...

I like both songs. The first I have heard before and have it on CD. The second I quite liked but agree with your thoughts around perhaps more gentleness as it seems a bit funky to me. It's so great to see some songs coming out at the moment that really focus on the centrality of Christ. Sometimes that message gets lost amongst the myriad of other Christian activities.

Jonathan said...

Exactly! When you get down to it there is only one important thing: knowing Jesus.