Sunday, August 24, 2008

Work Was Accomplished

Well, in spite of my procrastination for a good chunk of the day work was accomplished. I managed to mow the parts of my yard that really needed it, conversed with several friends, surveyed my new planting with Dad to figure out where we needed to put the soaker hoses and to figure out how many needed patching, picked the tomatoes, picked the bell peppers, picked the lima beans, picked a handful of purplehulls that got missed last night, shelled them, shelled and washed the lima beans, vacuum sealed some frozen okra, canned some purplehulls and some green beans, and watched the Panthers whup up on the Redskins. (We'll see if it was a fluke when they play in Pittsburgh Thursday night.) I did get some help with the shelling and canning from Mom and Dad for which I am most grateful. All in all in spite of a slow start it was a pretty productive day.

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