Saturday, August 30, 2008

Want Some Salt With That Crow, Dr. D?

Dr. Dobson has finally come to his senses. About a year ago he said in no uncertain terms that he would rather stay home than vote for John McCain. He has changed his mind. You may recall that I showed the folly of his statement and predicted that this day would come. Well, it has.

In an interview with Dennis Prager, Dobson said:

Well, you know I did a radio program about a month ago with Dr. Albert Mohler, and we talked about what was at stake in this election and our concerns about the policies that Barack Obama would implement. The more I hear the more I learn, the more concerned I am, and so on that program Dr. Mohler and I talked about the fact that John McCain is not the perfect candidate. He’s certainly would not be my choice and, for over a year, I did not feel that I could vote for him. But I said in that radio program that “I can’t say it now”—which was then, because I didn’t know who his vice presidential choice would be, and he if would come up with Lieberman or Tom Ridge or somebody like that, we’d be back in a hole again. But I said for the first time “I might, I might.” And some people call that a flip-flop. If they do, so be it. Campaigns are long. You get information. You find out what the choices are. So I’ve been moving in John McCain’s direction....

...I can tell you that if I had to go into the studio, I mean the voting booth today, I would pull that lever....

...You know, Dennis, the things that concern me about John McCain are still there. I made those comments not just based on emotions, but based on his record and some of the things that took place—embryonic stem cell research, and other things, the campaign finance, and other things. Those are still there. So, there’s still concerns. But I tell you, when I look at the choices that are ahead and what the implications are for this country, and now especially with this selection, with just an outstanding V.P. candidate as a running mate, I tell you what I am relieved and very excited.

So there you have it: Dr. James Dobson has all but endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket for President.

Perhaps Dr. Dobson should leave the emotions completely out of his commenting. That way he wouldn't have to eat his words. It simply wasn't logical or wise to make the statements that he did earlier, knowing who was running on the Democratic side. Even Rudy Giuliani (as liberal as he is) would have been a better choice than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I hope that he will exercise more wisdom in the future.

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