Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Amazing Miracle!

In Galilee an infant born prematurely was declared dead and placed in the morgue. Five hours later the mother asked to see her baby one more time and was shocked to find that the child was alive and breathing! According to the article:

"When we unwrapped the baby to see her, she realized it was moving. I began screaming and ran with it toward the doctors," he (the father) said.

She was then rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit,
where doctors are fighting for her life.

"I was in shock," the mother told Channel 2 last night. "I thought I wasn't hearing it right when they said she was still alive."

Dr. Moshe Daniel, the hospital's deputy director, said that in his 35 years as a physician, he had "never heard of such a case. It was like a medical miracle."

Like a medical miracle? Moshe! Come one, man. Get a little faith! For crying out loud, you are named after Moses! Let's not qualify, OK? Number one it isn't like a medical miracle. It IS a miracle. And two, there is no need to qualify it as a "medical miracle." Medicine had nothing to do with it. Even if there was gross negligence on the attending physician's part, a baby that was mostly dead isn't likely to have survived 5 hours in a morgue refrigerator.

Chalk this one up to God.

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