Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome To The Jungle

Jonathan Eller hiding in his okra patch
The things in my garden have grown so tall it is like being in a jungle. Here is a brief photo essay on my personal jungle.

In the corn rows
Having never been stupid enough to watch horror movies about people getting killed in the cornfield I think it is pretty neat hanging out between the rows of corn.

A cathedral of okra boughs
Some of my okra is over eight feet tall now. I can easily hide in the midst of it. Except for the fact that it makes you itch like crazy, it is pretty cool being inside this natural cathedral.

Okra blossoms
And just as in a man-made cathedral there are many adornments, my cathedral has some beautiful details as well. There are beautiful flowers,

Sunlight shining through okra leaves
Stained glass windows,

Sunlight and shadows in the okra patch
And peaceful prayer rooms...

The garden has bee a great place for me to work and watch God at work. It has given me a sense of being connected to nature and spending time in my jungle has given me great joy even in the midst of the significant work that has been required. It is a very secure place to spend my time. Even if it has brought out my weird side a little bit!

Jonathan Eller in his tomato plants


The Learner said...

What kind of flowers are the white flowers?

Jonathan said...

Those are okra blossoms.