Saturday, August 16, 2008

Russia Is Making This Easy

Sorry to inundate you with Russia posts today but it is looming pretty heavily in the news right now.

Another news article today contained the following:

Moscow lashed out at Washington and Warsaw on Friday, saying the plan to site a US anti-missile defence shield in Poland would undermine the global balance of power and put Poland at risk of nuclear attack.

...The US claims the shield in Poland, as well as a radar tracking base to be located in the Czech Republic, is designed to defend against “rogue states” such as Iran.

The timing of this week’s agreement, as relations between Russia and the US deteriorated over the Georgia crisis, has strengthened Moscow’s conviction that the move is anti-Russian.

We have a saying around here that the hit dog is the one that yelps. If Russia didn't have plans for aggression then why would Poland be put at risk of nuclear attack? Not a very heavily veiled threat on the Kremlin's part.

Russia has been scared about this missile shield since President Reagan brought it up over 20 years ago. Good! As long as they are a little afraid then it will make a fine lever to use against them.

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