Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Favorite Place

Do you know where this is? It is another one of my favorite places.

Perhaps this one will help?

Or this one?

How about now?

Last one.
You can barely see all of the previous ones in this picture.

Kudos to anyone who can get the city right.
Extras to anyone who can name each of the landmarks!
(Those who are clever will find a very easy way to cheat!)


Deborah said...

Okay -- so my guess is somewhere in Scotland?? I recall you going there after college and you were enthralled by the trip. Great pics by the way! I am not going to try to guess the city, but do I get points for trying to guess the country??? :o) Deborah

Jonathan said...

Points for sure! Good job on the country. Now let's see if someone can get the town and the names of the landmarks.