Friday, November 21, 2008

One From The Oogedy-Boogedy Crowd

...I will grant you social conservatism can be a loser if it comes across as preachy, bossy, or overdone. Moreover, there is a weird discomfort some people have about Christians who are serious about their faith getting interested in government. However, Christians had better be interested in the government because the government is certainly interested in them. It's interested in shaping the minds of their children, it's interested in shaping the culture around them, and it's interested in shaping who gets to be married in their church. If people of faith are willing to help the GOP in return for having their interests protected in Washington, the Republican Party would be extraordinarily foolish to turn them away.

- John Hawkins

The quote above was in response to Kathleen Parker's denigration of Evangelical Republican voters. Understandably her statement has apparently been the subject of a mild uproar. There were quite a few columns in response to it today. I heard about it originally in David Limbaugh's column.

Apparently in the aftermath of the GOP's defeat on November 4 the finger pointing has gotten around to us "values-voters." Many are suggesting that the GOP is doomed until it sheds its "archaic" attachment to the protection of the unborn, the defense of marriage, etc.

Let this "oogedy-boogedy" member of the GOP go on record to say that if the party ever abandons these issues it can stop counting on my vote. The likelihood of my voting straight ticket for the Republicans will be nil. Granted, the likelihood that I'll vote straight ticket for the Democrats is even less than that, but there will be no more blank check. I will vote for each individual and will be paying attention to these issues.

I have no illusions that the political system in America will ever be able to accomplish the restoration of the values that our country has drifted so far away from, but I'll be hanged before I'll help it drift further.

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