Friday, November 07, 2008

My My My

Pulpits that once held high the banner of the gospel, standing strong for life and the family, started preaching equality and “common good”. The Kool-Aid of “Social-Justice” was dispensed freely from fountains installed in Evangelical churches across America. The result? Hundreds of thousands of evangelical Christians marched into voting booths and pulled the lever for increased abortions, homosexual unions, socialism, loss of religious freedom and Marxism because the pulpit told them that it was okay because in doing so they would be ending poverty, homelessness and AIDS—not to mention the end of racial division and the beginning of world peace! How could Christians be so easily deceived when it is abundantly clear that socialism has never delivered anything it has promised? Look no further than the pulpit.

America can survive a bad president. America cannot survive continued compromise in her pulpits. The solution to America’s greatest need is not in the next election—but in next Sunday’s sermon.

- Bob Burney

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