Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hoping The Rain Will Hold Off

Huzzah! If the Weather Channel is right, I may actually have another day to work in my garden this week. It is looking like Thursday should be clear and warm now. Was anyone else cold today? Wow. That caught me off guard.

I still plan to go to the garden tomorrow and see if it is dry enough to work. I hope it will be, but if not at least I should have one more day of sunshine to dry it out. That will also give me the time to get the last few plants that I need and allow me to soak my okra seed before I plant them.

Hopefully over the course of the next two days the majority of my garden will be put in. Then comes the weeding, hoeing, spraying, watering, staking and tying that are required to get ready for the harvest. Then the real work begins.

I hope my Grandmother will be able to get her garden in this week too. She has been fretting about it.

Today I worked on the article I mentioned yesterday and got about a third of the way done. It is funny; after 21 years of reading various books and listening to various people teach, I can't remember where I got some of the information that is in my head. Is it something that I learned directly from my own experience or the Lord's instruction, or is it something that I picked up from someone else? Oh well, I suppose I'll treat it as my own unless I come across the source of the information somewhere along the way, and then I'll go back and give credit where it is due.

I hope that the week is treating you well. I hope to write more tomorrow!

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