Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've Probably Killed My Traffic...

Hello, folks. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Not exactly sure what happened. One day I got busy and thought, "Well, I'll get to it tomorrow." and the next thing I knew a week had passed and I hadn't written a thing.

Part of the problem has been a little writer's block. There really hasn't been anything in the news that has particularly stirred me. I kind of wanted to wait for Friday to do a post about the garden so I put that off. It has kind of been life as usual for the past few days. Nothing extraordinary to share and no great thoughts that I needed to write about.

I got totally sucked into Facebook one day too. There's this trading card game that is very addictive. Don't get me started on it. I'll bore you with how the system works. I wish it were as easy to make real money as it is to make virtual money in that game.... I have grounded myself from it more or less. For the uninitiated, Facebook is a great way to catch back up with people that you have lost track of over the years, but it is an EVEN BETTER way to waste TONS of time. I have also found that you tend to get the most bang for your buck if you graduated high school somewhere from 1997 forward. The idea of internet social networking still hasn't caught on with us older folk quite as much yet.

Thus, between busyness, indifference to what is going on around me, and Facebook my blogging has suffered. I vow to do better!

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