Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Garden Update

Things are still going well in the garden. Everything that I have planted has come up (and a few things that I didn't plant!) and everything seems to be growing well. I had noticed some insect damage last week, but was able to spray on Monday. Hopefully that will take care of things for the time being.

We got some much needed rain yesterday afternoon. I have heard reports that it was as much as ¾ of an inch of rain. Still, with the weather as hot as it is turning, it is going to be necessary to irrigate. I began putting out soaker hoses earlier this week. I have to fix a couple damaged hoses, and it looks like we may need to buy or find a couple more to get everything covered.

My tomato plants have started blooming. It always seems to take forever to get that first ripe tomato, though! My grandfather was always very aggressive about getting the first tomato. He would pull the first one that showed any color at all! As late as I got them put out this year I doubt that I'll be winning the prize for the first tomato, but with 24 plants I expect that we'll still have plenty.

There's another problem that I have to address very soon: there is an abundance of poison ivy all around the garden - most problematically right where I plan for the cantaloupe to run. Poison ivy is notoriously hard to kill. Hopefully I can get it knocked down before it really becomes a problem.

I'll try to post a new picture by the end of the week.

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