Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sorry, folks. I have determined that leaving home is bad for blogging. The crazy thing is that I wasn't even away from a computer - I was house-sitting for my parents - but for some reason it is just hard to blog when I'm away from home. It may have something to do with the incredibly uncomfortable chair that they have in the computer room. I can't sit on it for more than about 30 minutes before it starts getting pretty close to unbearable.

My folks went to Frederick, MD to visit my brother. They had a pretty good trip. They took along my 12-year-old nephew who was apparently not terribly impressed with most of what he saw on their forays to Gettysburg, Antietam, and DC. Sigh.... How could you be bored at any of those places?

I had actually planned to post last night, but was too wiped out. In fact, I had planned to come home last night but was too wiped out for that too - that, and I found a good baseball game on the TV last night: Orioles at Chicago. I was pulling for the O's, but like both teams so I wasn't too disappointed that they lost.

Luke Scott player for the Baltimore OriolesOne neat thing that I saw in the game last night.... There is a guy who plays for the Orioles that was having his 30th birthday yesterday. His name is Luke Scott. (I have a cousin named Luke Scott... but I digress.) It was kind of neat and he was excited about it because his number is 30 so he was wearing the same number as his age. The commentators talked about how his number was spiritually significant to him as well. It turns out that Luke is a dedicated Christian and he was excited about turning 30 because Jesus was 30 when He began His public ministry. The broadcasters were very complimentary of Luke and his witness. I always like it when I hear a good story! He was 2 out of 4 last night too!

That being said I am back home for a while now. I have lots of things to write about so you can expect more posts to come down the pipeline soon.

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