Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How I Spent My Vacation...

Welcome sign for Turkey, NCI went to Turkey!
(Turkey, North Carolina that is...)

Dusty Dellinger as the sun rises close to Morehead CityI got up early to go fishing!
(Yep, that's sunrise, not sunset. The fellow silhouetted against the sunrise is my brother-in-law, Dusty. We were leaving from Dudley's Marina in Cedar Point, NC.)

A landing net full of fishI caught some fish!
(The take included black sea bass, oyster toad fish, one flounder, and one cod. We also caught a few lizard fish.)

Josh Dellinger with a very bold bird... is it an egret?I made a new friend!
(That's my nephew, Josh on the left with a very bold snowy egret... I think. I'll call him Bob. He was much closer until my nephew started trying to chase him.)

Banners welcoming home Marines from Camp Lejeune from IraqI witnessed the return of some heroes!
(While we were out on the water fishing we saw the naval task force bringing these Marines back home from their deployment in Iraq. Wish I could have been there to see the guys getting back on base. Thanks for serving!)


Pwincess Linfoong said...

Turkey looks great!! Do post more pictures!! :D

Jonathan said...

That was the only picture I took of "Turkey." I do plan to post some pictures of another "vacation" I took over Memorial Day weekend to the NC mountains. Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow. I hope you made it home OK. Have a great summer!