Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Farm Report

Jonathan's vegetable gardenIn today's farm report the garden is doing very well - even with my absence for most of the week. Yesterday I came over to work and discovered that the tallest of the corn is very near shoulder high, the tomatoes are full of fruit and growing nicely, the green and purple hull peas are blossoming, and I have baby squash and cantaloupe! I wish I had the camera with me so that I could post a picture. They are doll-sized fruits. It is so totally cool!

The camera is on assignment in Washington, DC for a few days. It should be back on Tuesday, and I'll get some photos then.

Yesterday's work included spraying the entire garden, (Worms had begun to eat my corn plants and had to be destroyed. Other various bugs had also been munching on the crops and had to be stopped.) suckering and tying up the tomatoes, pulling some of the more obvious weeds that somehow escaped hoeing, and fertilizing the tomatoes and corn.

I also had to do some equipment repair since my Hudson sprayer had stopped working the last time I sprayed. I am very proud to say that I not only found the problem and fixed it, but made it work better than it ever had before!

I almost forgot. I also have a baby pepper or two on the plants. There is also one other thing that has happened in the garden that I won't write about just now. I want to save it for when the camera is back here. I have a special story to tell. So don't forget to check back mid-week for this breaking news story.


Wade Huntsinger said...

Looking good man, our tomatoes plants are now almost head high. They are really growing too fast. I had to improvise on keeping them erect. Bunch of maters but none ripe yet.

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Wade. Sounds like your tomatoes are doing great. I don't think mine have been getting enough water. They are looking a little puny although they are full of tomatoes. (I partially blame the practice of suckering.)

Hopefully you will have a nice ripe tomato by the 4th. My former pastor has already started getting them and he didn't plant until May!