Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Hearty Thank You

To my good friend, DP, thank you very much for your hospitality this evening. The steak and the ribs were awesome, playing Wii was fun, and the fellowship with the guys was the best part. Thank you for helping to make that a possibility. (Also thank K, C, and B for being willing to open their home to a bunch of old college buddies!)

DP has set the bar pretty high, but any other readers that want to treat me to a home-cooked dinner, just let me know so that I can get you on my calendar! (After reading about how good TC's cooking is over at LifeSong, I may have to actively try to make that a reality!) Who knows, I may even return the favor!

There is nothing like getting together with old friends. (Oh, and by the way, C, your comment about how none of your dad's friends are old earned you some major brownie points with me, Chief! I always knew you were one sharp cookie!) It is hard to imagine that you can get together with people that you haven't seen in years and still be able to talk and cut up just like you did back in college. Heaven will be like this. I hope everyone has friends like mine!

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