Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still A Class Act

Even though the press will never treat him as one - at least not while he is alive - President Bush has once again shown himself to be a man of great class and honor. A news article reported on a speech that he gave in Calgary today:

CALGARY, Alberta – Former President George W. Bush said on Tuesday that he won't criticize Barack Obama because the new U.S. president "deserves my silence," and said he plans to write a book about the 12 toughest decisions he made in office.

Bush declined to critique the Obama administration in his first speech since leaving office in January. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has said that Obama's decisions threatened America's safety.

"I'm not going to spend my time criticizing him. There are plenty of critics in the arena," Bush said. "He deserves my silence."

Bush said he wants Obama to succeed and said it's important that he has that support. Talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has said he hoped Obama would fail.

Perhaps Presidents Carter and Obama should take a few notes....

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