Friday, March 13, 2009

The Pleiades

The PleiadesI have often heard the name The Pleiades before, but I had never seen it (knowingly) before today. It is shockingly beautiful. To me it looks like an angel. What do you think? Once again, I am constrained to acknowledge that God does mighty fine work.

This past week we watched a video in our Sunday school class that talks about the stars in general and the star of Bethlehem in particular. I've always been interested in the night sky. I can see the stars at my parents' home pretty well - especially in the winter.

This cluster of stars is close to my favorite constellation, Orion. In fact the three stars that make up his "belt" generally point to this star cluster. (They actually lie a little below the area that the stars in his belt point to.) The next time I have a clear night I will have to look for it and see if I can find it.

One day I would love to go out West, far away from all of the light pollution of the East, and spend a night out under the stars. They say that they look close enough to touch. What a glorious God I serve!

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