Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Milestone

I recall one morning -- early on in our unemployment, the Lord spoke, "Isn't it interesting that you will 'trust' Me with your eternity, but you struggle to believe I will take care of you in the 'now'." Ouch! Yes, that hurt when He said it. But it was corrective truth! The irony is that many of His children are in exactly this place. His desire is to bring the reality of our 'trust' to the present such that it is no longer ethereal --- but walked out in the physical -- right here, right now.

- Deborah from her post His Hold on the blog Joy In The Morning

This was a timely quote from a friend's blog that I read today. And when I was getting ready to post it I realized that I had hit a milestone of sorts. My last post was my 777th post on this blog. I don't suppose that is anything too major, but it is a number associated with the Lord quite often, and I thought it worthy of mention. I suppose that there will be many more posts before I am finished with this blog, but it is nice to mark the ones that seem significant along the way. Actually, it is hard to imagine that I have hit the publish button that many times.

There will be some more posting here soon. I haven't had much to write about lately. I've still been trying to get myself back into the disciplines and routines that I had established before I left for Japan. We're getting closer, but still not quite there yet. And I am trying really hard to not gripe and complain about the administration incessantly here. I really am trying hard to be nice. Politics makes me mean.


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That's good stuff there. I'm going to watch the rest of them as soon as I can. I like his style. His style reminds me of the Nooma videos with Rob Bell, but without the universalist undertones. I can't wait to hear the rest! Thanks for sharing it with me.