Sunday, November 01, 2009

No Really, I'm Back...

Greetings from the world's slackest blogger! OK, maybe I'm not the world's slackest blogger, but I'm a far cry from the posting that I did last year. Last year I had months that I posted more than I have all year this year. Hmmm. Don't know exactly why that is, but I think part of it is that I didn't have a goal this year of writing an average of one post a day. That was the difference between last year and this. All other activity has pretty much been the same otherwise, so that must be the cause.

Anyway, I hope to do at least one more post today - actually the next installment of my spiritual warfare series. If all goes as planned this afternoon I will be writing about the armor of God. After that I hope to tackle grace, and after that I intend to write on holiness. Hopefully you won't have to wait six more months to get those installments! I will say, though, that grace is a tricky subject to write about, and I have found in the past that it is hard to communicate in words the concept adequately. I guess I am in good company though. Paul's teaching on grace seemed to often be misunderstood. Indeed, I think it is often still misconstrued.

So that will give you something to look forward to! Keep praying for me if you are impatient and want these posts to come faster! I am confident that it will help.

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