Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Again... For The Moment - To The Rising Sun With The Risen Son (Part 13)

Jonathan in front of his houseWell, I am back home again. Last night I slept in my own bed and it was wonderful! And poor David didn't have to contend with my snoring! I guess David should be landing in Minneapolis within the next two hours. I am sure he is ready to get home.

My flight home was pretty good. It was considerably shorter than the flight out, thank goodness! However, it was a very bumpy ride from Tokyo to Minneapolis. Our plane was too heavy to get above the weather and the fasten seat belt signs were on for most of the flight. It was a lot more like riding in a stagecoach than a jet airliner! At one point the ride got so bumpy that one of the overhead hatches popped open. None of the flight attendants closed it, and as bumpy as things were I was very concerned that something was going to fall out on someone. Thankfully that did not happen. Hopefully, David's trip was much smoother than mine.

An antique airplane hanging in the Minneapolis airport.I haven't gotten back into my old routines yet. Yesterday I was traveling from Raleigh back to Rowan County and stopped at my parents' to wash clothes. I had planned to head up to the mountains to visit family up there, but a combination of jet lag and a little neediness on my niece's part postponed the trip.

I am sure that there will be additional posts on our trip to Japan as I begin to unpack all that I experienced and as I get more perspective on what we did and why we went. Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we have gone. Your continued prayers are welcomed as David and I continue to ponder our trip and research the things that God led us to discover. Please pray that we will have understanding of what we are to do with the knowledge that we gain and pray that God will direct our research. Thanks again for all of your support. I look forward to talking to you in greater length about the trip!

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A friend said...

Glad you arrived back home safe and sound. I know you have a lot to process after the whirlwind trip! I hope you find some meaning in the events of the last couple of weeks for you.