Friday, February 06, 2009

Go God! - To the Rising Sun With The Risen Son (Part 3)

Mt Fuji
Later that day, Jonathan got to tell several other people, including his former pastor and his sister and brother-in-law, about the things that God had done to make the trip possible.

Jonathan's sister was totally shocked that he was going. She just stared at him slack-jawed in unbelief. But after they talked about everything that had taken place and all that the Lord had done, she agreed that it really looked like God wanted him to go. When his nephew Josh heard that he was going to Japan he said, "That's awesome! Would you get me some of those chocolate-covered pretzel sticks they have over there?"

Jonathan laughed, "You want some Poky? You know they come in lots of flavors. You want chocolate, strawberry, or banana?"

Josh said, "I want some of them all!"

But the excitement that day was far from over. That very night after he got home Jonathan got a call from David. After some general conversation about all of the neat things that had happened that day for Jonathan, David said, "Well, the reason I called you was some people gave me some more money today for your trip. I tallied it all up and basically it is enough to pay for all of your plane ticket but $33.66!"

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Jonathan hollered. "This is nuts!"

The next day Jonathan went to visit his parents and tell them the news. When he told them they were stunned. The really were shocked, but as Jonathan told them the story of how this had developed they also agreed that it was the Lord's plan for him to go. They asked lots of questions and told him that they were excited that he was going.

Jonathan returned home that night pleased that things had gone so well, but he was concerned that he had been neglecting his time in the Bible and in prayer over the past week. He determined that he needed to break through all of the distraction and move that back to the place it had been in his schedule.

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