Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Thoughts On The Election

I have talked to many people who are extremely dissatisfied with their choices for the election in just a few weeks. I can understand their frustration. What concerns me most is the confusion that seems to be attending this frustration. As I have been pondering the election this morning, and particularly as I have been thinking about the confusion of the people I have talked to, I thought it would be worthwhile to write about it here this morning.

The political spin doctors have done a very good job of obfuscating the real issues that are at stake. Instead of really getting down to the key points they have tried to draw people's attention to the inexperience of either candidate. The reality is that the core issues at stake haven't changed.

As a Christian I have one issue that is to me a make or break issue for any candidate. Any candidate that supports abortion is an automatic no in my book as long as I have a pro-life choice. Thankfully, this year I don't have to choose between two pro-murder candidates. This year the delineation between the two presidential tickets is clear on this issue. Senator Obama has consistently and publicly declared his support for the murder of the unborn, and has gone even further by supporting infanticide for babies that somehow survive an abortion. He supports partial birth abortions. In fact, there is nothing about abortion that he opposes at all. His running mate, Joe Biden is also in favor of abortion.

On the other hand Senator McCain and Governor Palin are both staunchly opposed to abortion. Senator McCain has a long voting record that gives testimony to his opposition. Governor Palin has demonstrated by her own choices her support for life. I am not as impressed with the stance Senator McCain has taken on cloning, but the difference between him and Senator Obama is stark.

To me this makes the decision simple.

This is, of course, not the only reason that I support the McCain/Palin ticket. I am sure that McCain will be more fiscally conservative than Obama. I am certain that he will not be as likely to raise taxes as Obama will. I believe that McCain understands what really needs to happen in Washington - regardless of whether or not he can make it happen or not. I believe that Senator McCain really does have the country's best interest at heart. (I cannot help but question the sincerity of someone who has spent the majority his short time in the Senate doing little but campaigning for the presidency. It offended me when John Edwards tried it, and I am similarly offended by Barack Obama.) I am certain that John McCain is more fit than Obama to be Commander-In-Chief. And I believe that he understands the dangers that our country faces in this world far better than Obama does. I do not believe that Senator McCain would compromise our sovereignty to make himself look better.

If Governor Palin is inexperienced, Senator Obama is even less so. If you don't agree with all of Senator McCain's past actions, statements, or positions, how many of Senator Obama's do you agree with?

Don't buy the lie that it is better to not vote or to vote for a third party candidate to show your displeasure with the choices. A non-vote or a third party vote is the same as a vote for Obama.

I believe that God is sovereign, and because of this I believe that the choices that we have were sovereignly chosen by Him. I think that the disparity between the candidates is offering America a clear choice - a choice that will determine the future of our country. God is holding up a measuring line. Will we choose someone who values life and holds to the values that have influenced our country since its founding? Will we choose someone who has demonstrated his courage and character through many trials? Or will we choose someone who is confused about what the Bible really says? Someone who is confused about when life begins? Someone who has more experience campaigning than he does governing?

To me the choice is clear. Even though there are things about Senator McCain that I am not wholeheartedly in agreement with, the alternative is absolutely unacceptable. I pray that an unquestionable majority agree with me.

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