Friday, October 24, 2008


Autumn gorge

Still waiting for the leaves to change here, but at least there are pictures!


A friend said...

What a peaceful fall scene. It's been that kind of day today - where what I need is to look at a picture such as that one and find myself there, in the quiet of nature, at peace with the world for just a few minutes.

I don't think the leaves are going to change this year. My trees just decided to drop their leaves without going to all the trouble of actually turning colors, I think. Maybe it's better up in the mountains. Sure wish I was there.

The Learner said...

Great picture!

Jonathan said...

My willow oak in the front yard is doing that, but I am hopeful that the other oaks and hickory trees about will change. My dogwoods have somewhat. Poor things have really had a couple of rough years. I'm proud of them for hanging in there!

I found these fall shots through Microsoft. They had some really great ones. So, there's at least one thing we can thank Microsoft for!

Today has been a bit dricht (to use a good Scottish word for blah). I could have used the color myself today too... or at least a trip to the mountains. That in itself would be medicine for my soul.