Monday, September 08, 2008

First Fruit

An immature fig.I planted a fig tree at my house last spring before the terrible drought. Not surprisingly, it didn't bear any fruit last year. I'm just happy that it survived! However, this year has been much more productive. I have gotten the first figs on my little tree. They did come on a little late, but that is OK. Better late than never!


Wade Huntsinger said...

Where are you at bro?

Jonathan said...

I'm having computer problems at home. Apparently, Windstream suddenly decided that I was no longer in an area that they wanted to serve. I'm trying to get things worked out with them, but expect it will be a week or better before they most likely tell me that there is nothing that they can (or will) do. In the meantime I will try to find another option.

I don't think that Roadrunner will be an option because I have gotten the same story from them before too. It is totally bizarre that I live inside the town limits and no one wants to give me internet service!

I'll try to add some posts from my parents' home soon. Thanks for checking up on me!