Thursday, September 04, 2008

Check Out C-Span's Coverage

Last night I skipped the Republican National Convention because I frankly could not stomach the self-important pontification that goes on on the main news outlets - and that includes Fox News. I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of the news treating me like some 3-year-old who needs to have everything explained. It is so bloody annoying. And Fox is one of the worst for interrupting what is going on so that its pundits can hear themselves talk.

Well, tonight I really wanted to hear Sarah Palin's talk, and decided that I would try to stomach it again, and when I was flipping through the channels I saw C-Span and remembered that they broadcast with no fluff. That got my vote.

I watched tonight without anyone blathering on and on about what the Obama campaign has had to say today or about the latest dust bunny that the Democrats have dug up. I didn't have to listen to someone try to spin what I had just heard straight from the horse's mouth.


Now if I could only get the news the same way.

Seriously. If you want a totally different way to watch the convention, blow off the main networks and watch on C-Span. It was channel 350 on Direct TV in my market.

There was so much that I'd love to comment on from the convention tonight, but there is no time nor energy. You will have to wait. Perhaps by that time some of the best parts will be available on YouTube. I will say that I heard some great speeches tonight - mostly by the folks who ran for the Republican nomination. I loved Giuliani's speech. But they definitely saved the best for last. Sarah Palin knocked it out of the park. But more on that tomorrow.

PS C-Span is also a great outlet for Presidential speeches like the State of the Union.

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