Thursday, December 13, 2007

Man, Christmas Time Is Busy!

I'm sorry I have been absent again. I have some really good stuff to write about, but I just haven't had the time. I am sponsoring a Christmas party/community outreach at my house tomorrow night, and it has been a major undertaking. Saturday I should be able to get caught up - at least some if I am not in a catatonic state.

I am still working on the website. I think that I am actually starting to figure out how this thing works. Of course, STARTING is the operative word here. I did find a good free template and have been fiddling around with it. I think that I know where to look to change colors and stuff like that. Now all I need to figure out is how to load new modules to Joomla. It is always something.

Thanks for reading and for checking to see what I have to say. It is nice to know that folks actually read my ramblings! Fresh stuff for you this weekend if at all possible! Thanks for your patience.


Wade Huntsinger said...

Well friend you have some pretty good things to day. I guess only the real bloggers keep it up everyday. I just cannot seem to find the time. Have a Merry Christmas

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Wade. It has been more than I can keep up with the past week. I didn't manage but one Advent post at the other blog last week and hardly managed to post here. I am surprised by how much that first week of Advent posts took out of me. It would seem that our enemy had a hand in it too.

Thanks for reading and I love the idea of serving at the children's home. I trust God will give you wisdom on that. Have a great Christmas and be safe out there on the roads.